Community League

Community Spirit – the debut ep available now!

The long-awaited debut of emcees Special Opps and The Wize and producers DJ Thundercat and Jokes. A transatlantic collaboration forged in late 2004, Community League hits you with 7 tracks for your listening pleasure. Special Opps, aka The Wack Emcee, hails from Springfield, Massachusetts. The Wize, DJ Thundercat and Jokes come from the hip-hop hotbed of Oxfordshire, England. Together they have devoted their energies to Community Spirit, revealing their love of nature, their bewilderment towards the current state of politics, their complicated relationship with money, and most importantly the little known fact that Wize and Opp were once Kings of New York for a day.
As so many hip-hoppers before them, Community League has built this EP in amateur bedroom studios. Few, though, have collaborated like this before. Its first few tracks written before Opp and Wize ever met, Community Spirit got made over 4 years with hundreds of back-and-forth communications over the interweb. 2 shows in England together, one day conquering New York, a few games of Pro Evo, croquet, and ping pong…Finally it hits the streets.
You’ve heard Special Opps drop rhymes on the streets for years. You checked Wize and Thundercat and Jokes at venues throughout the ‘Shire and nodded your head to their sweet sounds. Listen up, then download your favourite tracks.


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