The Song & The Story: Me Pasa La Mota

The Wize

The Story

 I like to use the Marihuana Tax Act of 1937 (USA), which was part of the build up to the world wide criminalization of Cannabis, as a perfect example of how a conspiracy by a small group of rich and powerful interests can come to affect the direction of the world for decades going on centuries*. Thankfully, it is a smaller and smaller minority who cannot see how this simple mechanism functions (and half of those are the incurably and willfully closed minded).

historical-hempTo put it very simply, at a time when the world was becoming accustomed to the changes wrought by the Agricultural and Industrial Revolutions, the criminalization of cannabis was high in the interests of a group of monopoly men and their families.  In America, these men found themselves perfectly placed to take advantage of the westward expansion, economic growth, and huge nation building efforts of…

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