Concert Review: Kyza

Date: 10th March 2006. Venue: The Cellar, Oxford. In Attendance: Me, Tim, Ronnie. Occasion: Kyza aka Mr. Sayso.

After corralling the troops Friday evening, we headed to The Grapes for a couple of swift ales before slipping into a side street and joining the queue for The Cellar where the night’s main event, Terra Firma’s Kyza, was to be performing.

It was getting on a bit and the 1 in 1 out policy had us a little nervous but we made some friends in the queue and the doormen were as full of hilarious wise cracks as ever. Doors had opened at 10 but we got in sometime after 11 having lost Grant early to some confusion including a garbled message about “smoking himself sober”…

We had missed the open mic so we got in some beers and caught the end of DJ Fu’s set before the main event. The Cellar is how it sounds, the actually area is reasonably spread out with 2 bars but the low ceiling gives it an intimate atmosphere, which is emphasised by the slightly raised stage area and the DJ booth tucked away at the back.

The area was packed out when Kyza stepped into the arena in his red and black Che Guevara tee, his black beanie almost scraping the ceiling, half full bottle of Smirnoff in one hand, mic in the other. Backed by DJ Caramac he performed the guest verses that first established him as a top notch lyricist on tracks with Klashnekoff and Jehst, proving that he’s the one who deserves the props and Kudos:

“EP a’ come soon bro/ but for now I gotta shell out some rude dough ‘cos I blew up the studio”

Well that EP never really did arrive, but the good news is the debut album, The Experience, should be along June/July of this year. I don’t know whether the recent slew of singles will all make the album but they all rocked the house on this night, including Harsh Realities and last summer’s Welcome to Jamrock dub They Call It (Murda).

“Who’s got Channel U?”…A few shouts… “You actually like that sh!t?!”

My sentiments exactly my man; with that he launched Real, a call for the smartening up of the art:

“On T-V you can see how these dumb w@nkers act / Making Blacks look stupid, thanks for that!”

On top of that is a call for some self respect to return to the streets with an upping of arms instead of an upping of arms:

“I know bold cats that’s just a bit frightened / thinking ‘can we just go back to the days of fist fighting’ / ‘cos if I get whacked up, scars’ll heal / an’ that’s a fact blood, now that’s Real”

The banging tunes continued with some tracks from the new album that gave a taste of big things to come. Kyza had mad charisma onstage – cracking jokes, passing the vodka around, possibly taking girls’ numbers mid performance (?) and orchestrating a rendition of Happy Birthday. He closed the show with Lights Out, a lyrical monster of a song with a beast of a beat to match that had me jumping around and thumping the ceiling.

“Was that good enough for you?!”  Yes fella, it certainly was! I had a chat with dude after the performance and he was feeling the vibe of The Shire. I also asked if he had enjoyed the ThunderCuts I had passed him a while back in Lesta – “yeah bruv of course, I’ve been bumpin’ that!”

All that was left to do was rave it down for the rest of the night! I was on rare form on the dance floor as the others will testify; unfortunately it was business as usual with the ol’ ‘Whoo!’ dance. There were two girls dancing  right by me the whole time, but only with each other, I don’t think they like men – me either, what a coinky-dink! – I thought.

By the time we got out the hour was too early for Parisien so we ducked through the townie drunkards in the chicken spot and then made our merry way. All in all another banging event that had me banging the vents!


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