Concert Reveiw: Klashnekoff

Date: 31st July 2005. Venue: Cargo, London. In Attendance: Me & Tes.

Occasion: Crooked Tongues BBQ.

Sunday morning saw me returning to England very jet lagged and very drunk after a few crazy days in Dublin but these conditions were not going to stand in the way of a party that night, especially not this one. Crooked Tongues ( were having their summer BBQ complete with free beer, a performance by Klashnekoff and (I guessed correctly) a lot of pretty girls, oh, and I won the tickets too.

Suffering a little from being sleep mental I managed to describe the atmosphere as “like a big BBQ”, which to be fair pretty much covers it. Everyone there was flossin’ their Sunday best – a tough atmosphere to stunt in but my AJ XX’s and fresh Jordan Tee did me well. Of course everyone was also eyeing up each others gear so the attention from the ladies was nice – even if they were only checking my shoes (some of those girls were hurting us right Tes?).

After a few Guinness to keep my blood running black and some reinvigorating chicken came the entertainment, Mystro hosting and a couple of DJ sets including Sarah Love who tore it down as usual. I had to take it easy during these because I wanted to save a little energy for the main event: Klashnekoff and DJ Skully’s set to promote their new mixtape.

Klashnekoff bought the whole Terra Firma fam up on stage with him to celebrate the event including Kyza (who didn’t get to spit) a boy of about 14 and a couple of guys who looked ready to work out at a moments notice.

K-lash was his usual self on stage – ripping through tracks with a ‘Pacish DMX of an air about him interspersed with his “schizophrenic” lapses into funny accents. Usually he will explain his philosophy along with the music but tonight he cut the long talk and let the new tracks speak for themselves – they are FIRE!

I love the focus on meaningful and high quality lyricism but K’s tendency to turn the beat down for the last verses of songs can detract from the energy of the performance, although plenty of people (including me and a front row Skinnyman) are still more than happy to rave it down. Alongside the new tracks were the TF classics ‘Daggo Mentality’ and ‘It’s Murdah’ and also a scorching Marley dub-plate (“out in the streets, they call it Fiir-maaa!”).

The reason Klashnekoff has been quiet for a while is because, figuring he could make more, he turned down 6 figures on a contract and is doing it his damn self “low budget like chicken and chips”, so if you don’t hear from the TF camp “it’s because we’re broke”. That said he promised that the recently completed second album is crazy nice.

Another bonus of the night was that I have never been to a show where people have showed so much respect for each others toes, contrary to Tes’ theory that “you don’t put your very favourite things on the floor” people were scared of smudging their preciouses so kept a respectful distance. In fact despite a lil’ scuffle on the dance floor during performance the whole vibe was real friendly with everyone enjoying a few of my favourite things – BBQ, music, hot girls and fresh kicks.


Bonus Track: Once out in the street Eyes of the Hawk Tes spotted a bag of weed right on the pavement, and Tes, no need to worry the boy ain’t getting wet – ish was strictly high grade!!


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